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An interesting dilemma...

So apparently I'm supposed to call the property manager (the one who insulted us and our household earlier in the year/last year) and get him to come over and let the poor cable guy in to install our cable tomorrow, since it's 2am on monday... Anyhoo... I need to, according to my father, "Stay on the attack, it's the only thing these bastards understand." Sooo, I'm recruiting ideas as to how to attack, without overly insulting, in order to get the goal of having him over here by 3pm accomplished. (and/or having a key for that basement door provided before then.) Ideas? Insults? ice cream? ;-)

Also, I'm searching for someone who'd be willing to assist me with this whole bathroom-cleaning thing, which desperately needs to be done. Most of it, I cannot do. Even the small quantitiy that I can do, well, it'd be a lot more fun doing it with someone else. Er... So to speak. :-) I can't provide much in the way of bribes, but I absolutly need someone that I trust doing this. Hired cleaning people scare me not only financially, but have, in the past at my father's house, often thrown away valuable (to me) items....even books! Ergo, the need for someone that I trust.

*hugs* to all, I'll be checking things a few times before sleep, and a 'couple times before I call the moron in the morning. ;-)

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