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  • Mood: early evening post, for a change. Sinuses miserable, but managed to putter with LibraryThing a bit more. There are probably dozens of things there I'll never figure out, but puttering around is the best I can do for the time being. I've been viciously thirsty for several days now, and am craving a slushy thing from Spadafora's or even the 7-11. If anyone local is similarly thirsty, give me a call. Also craving Indian food, but that'll have to wait for the weekend. There's still a ton of cleaning to be done, but I'm too cranky, although I do have a finished book to be shelved. Currently reading Interview magazine, which is actually very amusing this month. Will probably nap randomly throughout the evening/night but who knows when. *wry grin* Hugs for those as wants/needs 'em.

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