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I know, I know, I did this meme already...

My LiveJournal Sitcom
Being badgerthorazine (TBS, 10:30): badgerthorazine (Billy Zane) learns a card trick from moviebear (Kyle Chandler). In the next town over, angelovernh (Jeremy Irons) draws a picture on dglenn (Tim Robbins)'s forehead. On the other side of town, tinytim (Bridgette Wilson) tries to seduce chubbychicks (Bela Lugosi) at the office. Meanwhile, drsnark (Tom Waits) thinks sagesaria (Jim Carrey) has a Brooklyn accent. That weekend, scruffycritter (Marisa Tomei) uses happy_hacker (Lyle Lovett)'s ottoman. TV-MA.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)

In other news, we've given a final date to the couch lump. He did pony up some cash for a new videogame t'other day...although, paradoxically didnt' buy it where he works where he could get a discount on it. *bwah* I really do wonder about the guy's intelligence sometimes. Also, on a randomly unrelated note, the VCR died. :P Anyone got any ideas as to what sort of VCR is a good buy these days?

Also looking for suggestions for digital cameras. I've pretty much settled on either a Canon or a Sony, but still trying to suss out the details. (trying to get the couch lump to contribute SOMETHING vaguely financial.)

I hope it's less humid knees and left wrist are cranky as hell. :P</ljcut>

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