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Bad news, another case of cellulitis, this time in my right knee. Good news, hopefully will recover relatively soon, it's small. Bit boring, but that's ok after running around for jury duty yesterday, Friday, that is. Not called, sadly, so am done for the next 3 years. Currently reading Naomi Novik's Temeraire series, in the middle of book 3. Book 4 is coming out very soon, but I don't know when we'll afford it. Fun to read, interesting and consistent. Not sure what to read next. Have appointment with pain clinic Friday to go over lower back MRI taken also Friday. What else? Not a lot, need to clean up some more, but not much in the mood- fall depression a bit early this year. Can be reached as badger AT Don't check it often, though, easier to reach via phone despite sleep schedule munged by jury duty. Got an Ikea catalogue in the mail, they must want to drum up business for the new store in Reading. Feeling particularly aunt-ish at the moment...anyone need a spare Badger? ;-)

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