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Pharmacist says Fioricet ok to take with food. So I am.:) I succeeded in falling asleep around 10ish pm, woke up around 3am. Recently watched Joy Nash's "a Fat Rant" on Youtube. If I haven't mentioned it before, watch this delightful video, but don't read all the size-ist crapola in the comments. Very disappointed with ppl. who react poorly to a woman who isn't afraid to be the size she is, and wear wonderfully sexy and human size clothing.

This afternoon is the post- MRI visit with the pain doc... should be interesting. Jeremy's napping on the living room floor cutely, so I'll probably report more sometime later, probably when he's at the Mtg pre-release thing Sat. Anyone who wants to wait with me for the duct cleaners, give me a call later. Staying awake somehow will be ...interesting.:p

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