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Writer's Block: Happy Halloween!

Boo! How did you celebrate Halloween?

Woke up late, failed to reach dental school (stopped taking calls BEFORE 4:30p.m.). Went to shrink, then pharmacy, then home and watched Ghost Hunters on SciFi channel...all night. ;-)

Have broken two teeth since Friday night. :P Unmistakeable pain. Anyone know if the BU dental school is any good with damnnably complex teeth?

Should have posted more sooner, but I forgot my password here for some demented reason. *bwah* Oddly enough, it seems to work fine on the computer, but possibly a software update on the Wii zorched the recorded password. Hopefully I've got it remembered right now. ;-)

Currently watching the Investigators show on CourtTV because I have no brain after taking painkillers. They've got some fantastic old music as background, and it's calming me down nicely after being jumpy watching Ghost Hunters. Probably do the Samhain ritual more thoroughly sometime after Jeremy goes back to work, because we were too busy being veggies tonight. ;-) Missed phone calls, 'cuz the new phone mysteriously battery dead, it's charging up again now.

Have a custom made brace for my thumb to wear at night, but it's irritating me through the little stockinglike thing. :P However, hopefully I can get the padding worked on today. :)

I've ordered the new computer, a 17in MacBookPro, but it's going to take a week or two before it gets in to Small Then they'll send it on to me along with iWork08, and the iLap. UNFORTUNATELY, my next back check won't come for another 6 bloody months. What? These people think I can't spend a few grand in a few weeks??? ;-D

Sadly, more of it sooner would be nice, we could use a little work done on the car, and a plumber for the weird bathroom problems. (none of them major, thankfully, but annoying, mildly.) But my selfishness kinda got in the way. It also means that I won't have the voice recognition software I wanted, nor the good sturdy laptop table to use in bed that I wanted. But I need to talk to the ...whoever it is, that's supposed to be my advocate or something there, since I talked with the guy who helped me sign up, who apparently isn't the same person as this one.

Got the cortisone shots in my back, seems like it might be helping a bit, but I'm told to wait another week or so before passing judgement. Which is fine by me. I can be patient a little bit longer. Jeremy recently bought me a nice new witch teddy bear from Target. It's adorable. :-) I think the painkiller is starting to work, because I seem to be not only topic-wandering, but kinda fuzzy. Probably will go to sleep soonish, hopefully will pull myself together to post more often as the thumb rests more.
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