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Haven't updated in ages. Had several weeks of bad bruising from the 2nd infected tooth pulled. (this time by the supervising dentist, who was, at best, a butcher...) T'giving was at Jeremy's sister's house, and was a bit overcrowded, but I got some damn good playing-with-kids time in. I miss that. I definitely need more of that. Have a bad cold, but at least the bruises are finally gone. Pretty contented on the whole with life, although I know my legs aren't thrilled today with the snow...couldn't sleep last night, and don't seem to be able to have much time to do it today. Minor toothache, too. Just an achy day, but better than many have been in the past. I can deal with aches. ;-) Seeing one of the *student* dentists on Wed. afternoon, after which I'll know more of what's next in that department. Been reading some older books lately, most recently the Wraethulhu series by Storm Constantine. Looking to borrow Mercedes Lackey's Last-Herald-Mage series books one and three, 'cuz I can only find book 2. :P Need it for a character I'm creating online. Granted, that's not crucial, but dammit, I haven't read 'em in ages, either.

My father's bought a nice, small house in the next town over in Maine from my older sister's, but he won't be moving in, he thinks, for a year or two...need to get repairs done on the old house, update the electrical wiring, etc. Meantime, some friends of my sister's are going to be renting it. Safe all 'round, I'm hoping. He's doing well, and continues to, as he puts it every year in the damn xmas letter "flunk retirement". Sister is busy and claims overwork, so won't be coming down for T'giving part 2. Just can't be bothered, apparently. :P

Getting used to my new MacBookPro is fun, although there's still stuff that I'm not sure what I'm doing. Still aggrivated with SSI for not giving me a more sensible back payment schedule. Can never reach the local folks on the 'phone who are supposed to help with such things. Been playing Civilization IIi Complete a bit. Not quite adjusted yet, but doing better than I did when the computer I was on didn't even TAKE DVD discs. ;-D So it's good, right? ;-D


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