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Just a quick note. Contemplating renting/borrowing a power wheelchair or scooter thingie for Arisia this year. I barely was able to walk last year, and at the moment have had two mornings where I've woken up with a bit of edema in my right foot. (not normal, but not surprising, considering I've been sleeping exclusively on my right side...) The nurse at my doctor's office said I should try to come in if it isn't solved by tomorrow morning. Trying to keep my feet up as best I can, although got distracted by the computer, of course, since J'r is off playing MtG. Any ideas from folks are welcome, more than welcome, etc. I plan to spend as much time as I CAN on my feet, I just realize that with an extra day on things, it might be time to bring in the big guns, so to speak. Need to make an appointment too, with dr. for the damn compression stockings. More of a level of stress than I want to deal with right now. :P Missed a 'couple doses of afternoon pills/evening pills over the past half-dozen days or so, but am trying to catch back up before I go off my rocker. ;-)

Jeremy brought home a new ionic air filter thingie today from Target. We'll see if it does what we both need it to, or if we've got sinus infections, or what. ;-) Kicking around the house this evening. Contemplating a nap...two teeth infected, am on painkillers (again....)-: and antibiotics but the student dentist and the endo dentist and the perio dentist all seemed to think that these two are saveable with work and I'll just keep kicking in the antibiotics, in hopes that they work, although 4 times a day is a bit much for my gut. :P

Had a very belated thanksgiving dinner last night, just the two of us and my dad, since my sister'd gone through her Manual Lymphatic Massage treatment and was all bandaged up. No way was she driving clear the hell down here, although she had called the day after I'd complained and said that she'd remembered that she'd promised. But I can understand medical foo happening more than just whiny overwork crankiness. Probably get together at her house for solstice/xmas thingie since my dad's house and mine are way too messy to host people in. Dinner was good, we went to Outback, and despite my bummer teeth I managed to down a rather large amount of salmon and a medium amount of sweet potato. Figured those were the best on the menu for my teeth, although they did have a swordfish special *Sigh*. As long as I stick with soft and semisoft foods I'm okay, so it's not like the previous two days when all I could have was jello and the like, and cranky from lack of solid food.

Got an early pair of gifts from my Aunt Pat (my mom's best friend from college) She sent a delightful check, and an even more delightful-looking book. "St. Lucy's Home For Girls Raised By Wolves". It looks quite interesting, and she said she loved it herself. The thing is, the few books she does recommend to me turn out 95% of the time to be excellent, so I'll probably curl up in a corner and read this while I put my legs up. *hugs*

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