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Found an article on individual markers of bipolar disorder... one of them a lot of folks seem to be saying is a craving for salt. Hrm.. No wonder I crave salt so often...

This one was cute, though! "I'm sweet and shy most of the time. When I'm angry or passionate about something I frighten people. I will eat rattlesnakes to prove a point to someone. I frequently argue with stop signs." -ya'all might recognize me in that one too.

-I get cold very easily. I am extremely sensitive to temperatures.

-I gag very easily. I am a very picky eater.

-Sleep cycle totally unbalanced ranging from insomnia to oversleeping.

-Extremely outgoing and extroverted at times - totally comfortable in the presence of others. At other times, totally withdrawn and very shy, almost like social anxiety.

-Either very emotional and highly sensitive, or very indifferent and numb to emotions all together.

-Very good intuition. Can read people, even when they try to put on a false front.

-Very intrigued by people and find them extremely fascinating. I like lots of different personalities.

...oh, and these days the insomnia is winning. :P

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