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Just had the holidays with my family, visiting at my sister's house in Maine. Very sleepy. Part 3 of holiday is with Jeremy's family tomorrow. Exhausted, but relatively happy. Having some new clothing is nice, and then some other fun things from Jeremy back on Sat., including Season 2 of the old tv show Beauty and the Beast.

Oh, and let me not forget the TMX Elmo keychain...if you ever hear my purse giggling that's why. ;-)

My sister's husband is playing with his new Battalion War Wii game that Jeremy and I got for him to go along with the Wii that my sister bought for him. She and Jer are playing MtG, and my dad's reading a magazine. So I figured I'd test out the computer stand and Aeron chair of hers, and the lovely lovely giant foot/legrest thingie. Makes my legs happy. :-) Never Will be able to afford an Aeron, but it's comfy. Maybe when I win the lottery...well, when I can afford lottery tickets. ;-) Pretty nice haul so far, I admit.

More sometime later, as things will hopefully calm down in a 'couple days.

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