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Weirdness...again. *SIGH*

"...I still would be your shelter
Through rain and through storm
And with you in your cold grave
I cannot sleep warm..."

sorry, gang. Just got word that a friend of mine from day college died a 'couple days ago in Iraq. The rant that needs to be ranted probably won't be, here, unless I get more energy...we utterly disagreed on politics, and he was a bit of a putz, but we liked each other all the same. Some 20+ years down the line, and the first thought I had was "He has a wife, and KIDS. WHAT was he thinking going there???" Illogical, but there it is. :P I know full well it's illogical, but, well, y'see, his wife was also a friend of mine as well as a suitemate of one of my best female friends at the time.

Timetravel sometimes sucketh..but I am remembering the good times too. Brightest Blessings, Andy.


Anyway, the holidays were nice, but been a bit of a down mood since. Looking at having had 3 dental infections in a row, or at any rate one that was not getting cured with the first two antibiotics..I hope I don't get another one before they assign me a dental student. :P Growf. I also wanted fully working teeth before Arisia, but that's not likely to happen either. Talked to my sports medicine guy last week, and he agrees that I may have a scooter, but I think it'll be a snowy day in hell if it was to get delivered on time. Looking for other sources of inexpensive motorized wheeled transport for the con in the meantime.
I intend to still walk around a chunk, but as I discovered back on Thanksgiving, not putting my feet up/getting off of them was/is a Bad Thing (tm). I can do without in some overcrowded areas like dealers room, etc...but longer walks will HAVE to be motorized this year, methinks. Jeremy won't be able to make it there, probably, due to work foo, but in the meantime I have a little help here and there, but could always use more. *Wry sigh*

The best thing, though, is that I have some of my own damn money this year. Sure a chunk is going for bills, car repair, etc...but if I don't squander it, I should have some to be frivolous with. :-) I'll probably still beg for early birthday presents/late solstice presents...but not as much as I used to. (Thanks the Gods and Goddesses!:)

That's all for now. Energy GONE. Thanks for reading...just knowing I'm heard sometimes helps a lot.
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