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Wow...I snagged this little one, let's see what I can do with it...

"Leave a comment, or post to your own journal, saying something *nice* about your own body/appearance. Do not say anything derogatory or critical of your body in this comment or post. Just praise. You can praise function or appearance, or if all you can manage is that you have a nice freckle on the back of your neck, praise that."

I am nicely rounded in a lot of different ways...mentally as well as physically. I have lots of scars, but to me, they're kind-of like roadmaps to various parts of my life/mental health/self-image.

I may be profoundly arthritic in the knees and ankles, but dammit, despite that and the lipedema, I STILL have very strong legs, overall. Well, they hold ME up, anyway. ;-D

I ADORE the fact that I'm still a damn good driver, thanks to my bifocals. I'm glad I don't resent them any more.

...and, of course, I've got a big butt, and I cannot lie! *cackle*

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