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Doing somewhat better today other than the pain level being a bit high post-dental exam with my new student, Alyson. She's nice, quite considerate, and not her fault that it hurts. She had to measure the bone depths and suchlike so it was poking into my gums. Ow. Other than that, it just was a LONG visit. Necessary, but very VERY tiring. Glad it's over, not sure when I have to go back yet, but I'll check the messages tomorrow. She's understanding about the time limitations that we have travel-wise, and good about scheduling late in the day. Yay.

We ended up, somehow, in Newton, so we went to the IHOP there. I should have gotten something simple, but got bbq chicken instead, which was nice. Their garlic bread, to say the least, is insufficiently garlic-y...but nicely buttery.

Sore, tired, and out of pain meds. :P Got to call my pain specialist tomorrow, as early as I can. Ouch, but a different kind, ouch of needing more sleep. Ah, well. Me go sleep now. Tired/cranky means sleep good.

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