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Well, things get more and more complex and/or confusing. Psychiatrist has suggested that I start taking an anti-psychotic (because it has anti-anxiety tendencies.) I just sorta thought it's really making me logy and sleepy even MORE often than I already was from depression/stress/inherent crankiness. Talked with my shrink today, she said that I should give it a fair chance... but since it causes facial, mouth, and tounge twitches, I really don't want to be on it...even though it's said it only causes that at MUCH higher doses. :P On the whole, I'd rather go back to prn anti-anxiety benzodiazapines. Even if they might be addictive, since I don't really intend to take them THAT often. :P

I mean, I know I sometimes sleep a lot as a way of coping with what I don't want to cope with, but I'd rather do it intentionally, y'know? *wry sigh* Food good, too. Unfortunately it's nearly 3am, and I'm craving Chinese food. Anyone want to bring some over? ;-D In reality I'll probably go to sleep soon enough, but it's still rather vexing to be hungry again. Out of Advil LiquGel thingies, too. :P Tomorrow, I get to call the Social Security person who called me while I was at Arisia and ask her why she never called me back. Grumble.

On the positive side, I got a little baby therapy last week which definitely helped. ;-)

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