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At Boskone

Just reporting in that there was a wonderful day today, I STILL didn't sing enough, but I sang more than I have for a while now, and clapped a LOT for beautiful wonderful people. Met David Weber in the consuite and gave him a hug so anything else I do this weekend is sheer bonus from now on because I've accomplished the two main things I wanted to do. ;-)

Back hurting badly. Some booze helped, some dinner is helping more. Should have gotten a clue and ordered dinner earlier, though. Room service sucks, in the price, but more importantly because I thought I was getting a HOT turkey sandwich and it was cold. :P

Had to call Sprint tech support on the computer connection issue, but the kid that we're talking with is a-ok, and problem is solved, I think. :-)

Tired, extremely sore, and kinda cranky, but I need a hot meal earlier tomorrow. Ooops. ;-) Many thanks to folks for listening and many thanks to everyone that helped me out already this weekend. *hugs*

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