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CD completed.

I've just finished the CD for my cousin and his sick wife. Here's the playlist, and I'm still missing some if anyone can help me with them, that'd be great. I also don't have the person who sang "Everybody Needs a Hammer", any clue?

1)Like Their Feet Have Wings
2)Nessie Come Up
4)Songs of Human Crafting
5)Hope Eyrie
6)Christopher Robin
7)Fly Little Bird
8)Once We Were Eagles
9)Alternate World Temperance Union
10)Avalon is Risen
11)A Boy and His Frog
12)Bin There, Dun That
13)Telly-Taley Heart
15)How Can I Keep from Singing?
16)The Rest of Forever
17)Starwind Rising
18)Pretty Dove
19)Do It Yourself (You can build a Mainframe...)
20)Everybody Needs a Hammer
21)Witnesses Waltz
22)Waltzing the Stars
23)Acts of Creation

...I realize I didn't put artist or album down, but the drugs, y'know? ;) Truly, my arm still hurts from falling down, I just thought people might get a few ideas where I was trying to go. Another CD is always possible, after all.

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