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huh? what?

Lots of weird stuff happened today, met with my dentist, who apparently had to cancel my appointment, they've got some new crap there that insists that you should confirm the appointment within 24hours before it. :P I showed up on time and everything. :P That meant driving INTO Boston and back during rush hour, but thankfully wasn't too horrid. J'r didn't nap much when we got home, though. I'm hoping he'll sleep more Wed. daytime so that he'll be civil to me when I get home from going out and being social with various folks. Also ended up talking to someone with a Craft name the same as my nickname, which was rather trippy. I'll be meeting her Sat. afternoon at 2pm. (remind me, those of you who talk with me Fri. night.;-)

Reading one of my great-grandmother's diaries from 1960. Very strange, but interesting. I should NOT still be awake, but nonetheless I seem to be. :P Fortunately my cousin the geaneologist (sp?) sent a little cheat sheet as to who's whom in the pictures and texts he included for us. :-) Smart man. Hope to see him soon.

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