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Today was QUITE a busy day, with not much sleep beforehand. I'd include the list of people I hung out with if I wasn't so sleepy and dizzy.I ended up falling asleep on the couch, instead of in bed, silly me, so my back and neck are ready to divorce me. Thankfully, it looks like sleeping on the couch didn't do anything bad to my ribcage, but it's still not something I should do. :P

In a lot of pain this morning, though, what with the wonky weather and the multiple body aches. Dizzy from the Darvocet, but not sufficiently out of pain. Am contemplating adding two ibuprophen to the mix to see if it's just inflammation too. :P Not sure if I can, but might call the pharmacy. :P

My only plan for today is to sleep a LOT and to take a bubblebath whilst reading a book or magazine or two. I had a LOT of fun Tuesday night with a CD-ROM that my cousin sent me of my second great-grandmother's diaries and pics of my grandmother and her sisters and half-brothers and sister. Reading the diaries around my sister's birth and mine were fun, but the diaries go back to 1945, so I have a lot yet to read. Also, it's in impossibly tiny print, so I need to do some converting to get it to a font I can read and then save at that size document, although it'll be huge, I know. Glad I got a little cheat sheet as to which grandmother and great-aunts and great-uncles were by which great-grandmother. It still got blurry sometimes as to who was whom, but it's been fascinating anyway.

Hope you're all well-hugged!

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