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Doctor's office turned out useless. Even though my doc was apparently THERE today, she couldn't be bothered to call me back. The night shift person (a different one, thankfully) called me this early evening...and wouldn't do anything without me coming into the office either. :P I mean, I understand that they don't perscribe narcotic painkillers over the telephone, but antibiotics should be no problem for someone who knows their symptoms as well as I do. :P He did suggest some Afrin nasal spray, so I asked J'r to pick that up for me. He also suggested Advil or Naprosin, and I explained to him why I don't take 'em, as a rule. (the latter makes me vomit, the former after a week or so makes my blood not clot properly.)

Tired, depressed, and feeling kind of useless. Craving human contact as ever, but also just out of sorts, probably partially the rib, and partially the painkillers.

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