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Great. Here it is 4am(ish) and I'm wide awake, having forgotten to take my Darvocet before going to sleep. (but I was sleeping on my right side and everything! *whine*) J'r came to bed, I noticed I was thirsty, took off the cpap mask, had a few sips of ginger ale, and settled in to go back to sleep. In short, it didn't work, and at 3:30am I was wide awake. Craving random food items, but don't want to rustle around and wake Jeremy. Which also means I can't watch TV shows on my 'puter, since that'd wake him too, maybe. If I'm not asleep in an hour or so, I may do it anyway. :P

Sorry for the ranting whine, guys. It's just one of those nights. I'm probably going to sit back and read the rest of last month's Discover magazine, and maybe even read some of New Yorker or Popular Science....or this month's Discover magazine! ;-D

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