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The Saga Continues...

Friday morning around 6 my body just couldn't take it anymore and I went to the ER with back spasms and other interesting bits of pain. Fortunately all the X-rays looked good, so what I am is battered and bruised. Went from there by cab to the CVS over in Medford Square, and took the (normally, anyway...) short walk to the chiropractor's. Called J'r, and by then he had the rental car, and the diagnosis is something's wrong in the suspension somewhere, and our shocks are shot as well. Possible wheel alignment is what I was thinking, but this looks more annoyingly complex. :P

Been sleeping off and on since around 3pm, been awake since midnight-thirty or so. Probably go to sleep again relatively soon. I'm not so much storing up energy/sleep for the con as I am just being quiet and letting my body do it's own healing as best it can. Good thoughts and whatnot are welcome things.. I'd like to NOT be damaged at Lunacon.

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