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Long, slow recovery ahead...

Well, I'm feeling a bit more coherent since I spent parts of Friday and most of Saturday sleeping. Not that I'm awake now, you understand, but I'm at least faking it reasonably well. ;-) Will be seeing the chiropractor again on Monday, and working out which of the therapies the insurance covers that might help me. I'm seeing my shrink today, so hopefully my body and mind will get unkinked over the next few days. Still a bit more jumpy than I'd like to be. Shoulders could definitely use a massage therapist, but I don't know if the car insurance covers that, I kind of doubt it. :P It'd be awfully nice if they did, which is why I doubt it. *heh*

Between the two of us the clocks, aside from the one in the living room, were changed. (the one in the living room is higher up, delicate-ish, and we'd just have to change it AGAIN soon enough. ;-) Jeremy will be doing the grocery shopping sometime today, and hopefully I'll have a stash of road food for the trip to Lunacon, because buying more en route might just be a royal pain in the butt, because our schedule down there seems to me to be kind-of tight in places. I'm sure I'm just imagining things, but I don't know for certain, and, as usual, I worry. *wry grin*

Can't decide whether to read Time magazine, Discover magazine, or just go to sleep again. I'm trying to have a normal type of morning, though, so ideally I'll start sleeping in an hour or two, and then sleep until 3 or 4 or so pm. At best, when I have been awake, I've been puttering around reading friendslist and checking email. Oh! That's right! I need someone with a good quality color printer locally to print me up a copy of Saturday's Doonsbury, simply because it amused the hell out of me. The whole robotics series was good, but this last one reminded me of activities day during the school week when I was in 6th grade and all the weirdo experimental education stuff during the 70's. I took chess, since the 8th graders got to pick first, and there I met my first boyfriend. 7th grade had this "Open Classroom" thingie which was extremely trippy and where, since my procrastination skills were just as high in those days as now, I got amazing grades for stuff I didn't spend much time working on at all, but got frequent chances to go off to the library on my own. :-)

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