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Bankrupt pants and Lunacon foo.

I haven't read any LJ in about a week, so people will have to email, or, preferably, call, and let me know what I've missed that's important for me to know.

Lunacon was bizzare and interesting, although my pain levels with regards to the car accident made things more than marginally difficult at several points in time. :P Met several interesting people, can't wait to see them again, and hope I get my act together to email the two email addresses out of three that I can find. (pout on the third though...unless you have it, Larry?) Looking forward to watching some of my new DVD's. Mysteriously, I won both lot 10 and lot 2 of the book raffle this year, so have obscene amounts of books (even for me!), some comic books, and strangely, two CD's of Mozart. :-) I've only just vaguely started on box number 1 of 3, so I have no clue what else is in there yet. Bwah, in general. Had good fun at the few panels I did attend, excellent panels where I learned a lot. Once again managed to miss the art show, so I obviously need to go to at least one other con this year so I can fix that little problem. ;-)

back from hospital after panic attack and back spasms got overwhelming. I seem to exist.

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