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So Thursday afternoon I got to see my sports medicine doctor and have my annual physical. @woo. The personal bits inside the doctor's not sure he did right so he might have to send me to a GYN. :P Got tetanus shot, blood drawn for every possible test and then some...and got to introduce yet ANOTHER young doctor to lipedema. She thanked me for the knowledge, and I'm amused because someone actually thought to THANK me for this information. I don't believe it's ever happened before. Had a cortisone injection into my right knee to get ready for Albacon. Left knee and ankle are doing as best that they can. Am using cane, some of the time, but trying to not use it as much as possible.

After that, we went home, ordered chinese food, ate chinese food, and I promptly fell asleep. Couldn't be woken in time for class@9pm. Class apparently had substitute teacher, so my teacher didn't even know how it went! :P Hopefully I'll be able to finish things Sat. night, since I'd like to go out to dinner at least once this weekend, depending on weather.

Today we didn't sleep well, either of us, and woke up, went to chiropractor, went back to sleep. Didn't wake up until 9:30ish PM. Having a day of Not Cope, so I've been reading and responding to LJ, and am now finally thinking of playing WoW at least long enough to check on my auction items.
Tags: doctors, lack of sleep, lipedema

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