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I finished my final essay finally. I just hope like all get-out that I get a good grade on it! *blush*

Looking for a ride to Erica and Pup's party-781-396-7540. Although I'm going to bed right now. Should be around in the evening. If Jeremy answers, tell him I told you to wake me, okay? After about 11pm I'll be at Pandemonium where J'r will be going for a Midnight Madness release party for Magic:The Annoyance. ;-) You could probably wander into there and look around for me.

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Been playing with OkCupid website. Some neato things. Happens that I run into people I know on there a bit. Kinda cool. Kinda scary. I am willing to bet that none of them are interested in dating me. But I'm game for to try anyway. ;) The main thing for me is answering the quizzes. :-) I'm SUCH a dork. Anyway. Sleep time. Unless I decide to answer more questions.... *blush*

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