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Your result for The Golden Compass Daemon Test...

Shy Friendly Soul

You love to be with big groups of people, but you are very shy. You love to be surrounded by people, while you sit and listen to all the chatter. When you are left on your own you just tend to fade away.

Because you are so shy, you tend to silent and quiet in new social situations. You wish that you knew how to start conversations, or joke with strangers, but you are afraid of saying or doing something stupid that would make everyone laugh at you. When you are with your loved ones, though, you simply blossom. With them you can chatter away and talk about how you really feel. Your favourite kind of social gathering is full of people whom you know and trust, rather than a bunch of strangers who might judge you.

You are much more likely to become visibly upset when a close friend casually says something hurtful than you are from a direct attack from a stranger. You hate confrontations, but with people whom you are close to, you can show your true feelings. People who don't know you well often don't realize how easily your feelings are hurt. You may hide your embarrassment behind jokes and laughter. Your close friends know that your self esteem is actually quite low, and are more careful to tiptoe around your feelings.

Your daemon would represent your shyness around strangers and your love of spending time with your friends and family. He or she would probably hide behind you or in your pocket when you were in strange situations (while whispering encouragement) and become active, happy and talkative when alone with you or when you were surrounded by your friends.

Suggested Forms:
White Tailed Deer, Rat.

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Your result for The Which Wife of Henry VIII Are You Test...

You are Kathryn Howard!

Fifth wife of King Henry VIII!

The rose without a thorn - that was the kings nick-name for you. Such a beauty and never argumentative. After he had to behead you because you were a little tramp who slept with every knight you could get your hands on he mourned for months. Some historians even say you were the only woman this man loved unconditionally. As the ax was being sharpened though you did something that only an imbicile would do - you asked for the chopping block so you could practice laying your head down to have it cut off! I mean come on - noone cares so much about their appearance that they practice for their own death! You died quite young - after only two years of marraige.

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