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A little news, a little quiz-ness.

Life is going along as crazily as ever. Got a not-unexpected 4.0 GPA with 96.9% in both classes. Now on to a class that looks like it's going to suck my life away, and one I'm trying desperately to drop out of in favour of a class that can actually teach me something. "Academic Strategies for the Psychology Professional" looks like a metric buttload of work, but at least the prof. seems to have a good sense of humor thus far. "Current Events in Psychology" is no such thing. It looks to be an intro to the intro to psych class that I took high school! **ugh** Emailed my advisor to see if I could switch to a different class. Didn't check tonight, but will before I go to sleep. Went to Albacon. It was good fun, quieter in places than I thought, but meeting Todd, Anne McCaffrey's son was a blast! Excellent sense of humor and seemed to have a good sense of self. I wish I had had a chance to spend more time with him. Went to a reading by Rosemary Edghill, which was interesting. Bought too many books as usual, but did buy some artwork as well. (*shhh* it's for Jeremy for the holidays!:-) Got us both some new t-shirts, too. In other words, it was a very nice distraction for a very bad day of the year. I hope I can find something like this on those dates next year! Kudos to both fuzcat and fibrowitch for transporting the Badger and her gear. It's muchly appreciated.

Went to the 60'th birthday dinner for Jeremy's Mom Saturday night, at Legal Seafoods in Natick. Yummy food, good family time, and greedy badger got to spend a little time cuddling baby nephew, Julian. Am avoiding homework at the moment, but will fix that after some more sleep. Might just check to see if I have email from advisor. As usual, if you see a chance to get me out of the house, take it! :-)

*hugs* y'all!

Your result for The How Bisexual Are You? Test...


You are 73% bisexual!

Congratulations, you're an all-round lover! The world is your oyster, there are no limits to your romantic adventures. (In your dreams.)

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Your result for The What country are you? Test...


Your country is 69 concerned with morals, 35 prosperous, 75 liberal, and 27 aggressive!

You're a charitable country with a soft spot for mounties. Don't plan on invading anyone anytime soon, but be happy--life's good and people everywhere enjoy a welfare state.

Vous êtes un pays charitable avec un endroit doux pour mounties. Pas le projet sur envahir n'importe qui n'importe quand bientôt, mais être heureux -- vie bonne et gens apprécient partout un Etat-providence.

For your information, the possible countries in this test include: Haiti, North Korea, Albania, Russia, Vietnam, Turkey, Poland, India, Singapore, China, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Libya, Tanzania, East Timor, Lithuania, Indonesia, Iran, Canada, Israel, Sweden, Australia, Germany, or the United States of America.

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Interesting. I'd never have thought of that, myself...

Your result for The Literary Character Test...

Tom Sawyer

Good, Human, Side Thinker

Tom Sawyer is the youth in all of us; he biggest desire is to laugh and play all day, and pure adventure is his biggest vice. His cleverness can get him into plenty of mischief and trouble, but even those who must punish him, also must admit that it is also what endears him so much to so many people. He is admired and enjoyed by all, and even when his sense of fun dictates he must take advantage of them, he has a sense of honor and nobility that cannot be denied, even if he tries at times.

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Well, I'm definitely not today's Tom Sawyer... as it were. ;-)

Your result for The What's your sexual style? Test...


You scored 79 imagination, 71 confidence, 50 dominance, and 42 generosity!

You are a KINKY, CONFIDENT, DOMINANT lover who prefers to RECEIVE.

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You like relatively kinky sex, and you have the great imagination that will always keep your partner guessing and excited! There's no getting bored with you around, you could never settle for dull sex, you want something fun and new all the time. You aren't afraid to try out anything you hear about. You might just be an intelligent lover who needs to be mentally engaged, or perhaps you have some dirty dark secret kinky desires, but either way, you're never boring.

You are pretty confident in bed. This means that you know you can please your lover. Maybe you've read a lot of sex manuals, or have the experience from previous lovers, or just tend to be skilled at whatever you get your hands on, but you're good and you know it. You can really get results and know that you have pure talent, so you won't be hiding away shy, pretending to be all innocent. Your partners love your naughty self assurance, you don't hesitate and this makes you a sensational lover.

You tend to be dominant in bed, so you prefer to be the one giving the orders than taking them. Maybe you like the power, or just like controlling the pace, perhaps your partner likes to be dominanted, or maybe you get a kick out of the whole master/slave relationship, it could be something as small as liking to be on top during sex and tie up your lover to tease them, or it could be as kinky as them having to ask your permission to do anything at all. Either way, you are firm and you enjoy it!

You would rather Receive than Give. This usually applies more to Oral sex than anything else, and other types of foreplay. This could be for a number of reasons. Maybe you are just very hooked on the sensation of orgasm, maybe you feel you deserve to be treated like a god/goddess, maybe you just aren't confident about your skills when it comes to returning the favour. Maybe you are lazy. Or maybe your partner loves to give and that suits you fine, so everyone is happy. Either way, remember to be a giver sometimes too, as long as your partner likes it.

Fluffy handcuffs, soft whips. You have the kinky factor that will mean you'll enjoy playing games in bed, and using these fluffy cuffs rather the metal sort of the just a silk scarf means you will be tied firmly, but comfortably. You can't get away, but you wont be in any pain. However, we know you'd rather do this to your lover than be tied up yourself, so feel free, or take turns! Enjoy some light flogging with a soft whip, just to see if you like being spanked, or use your hand. Nothing too heavy, but a little bit kinky.

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I never thought I was that dominant, really. Just kinda selfish sometimes. :P

Your result for The 20 Question Sexual Experience Test...

Kinky Social Rebel

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The higher your kink factor, the more likely you are to try something new.

The higher your social factor, the more likely you are to make sex a group activity.

The higher your rebel factor, the less constrained you are by social norms.

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Well, I could have told them THAT! ;-)

Your result for The Classic Dames Test...

Barbara Stanwyck

You scored 31% grit, 24% wit, 38% flair, and 29% class!

You're a tough dame, a bit of a spitfire, and you can even be a little dangerous, but you do it with such flair that almost all is forgiven (and even when it's not, you're still the most interesting woman in the room). You can be witty and charming, all right, but you have a tough streak that keeps you focused and sometimes deadly. You've had quite a climb to get where you are, but you're a hard worker and you mostly deserve all you get...and then some. You might end up destroying everything around you, but you must've got style. Your leading men include Henry Fonda, Fred MacMurray, and when you forget yourself, Gary Cooper.

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Hrm. Loan me movies with her in them? I haven't seen much that she was in.

Your result for The Elemental Balance Test...


~ 74% Water ~ 59% Wind ~ 59% Earth ~ 41% Fire ~

Big sky above me, a river inside me

And I'm doubled up in love.

Let’s see... your personality reminds me of the...

...deep Emerald that promotes love, serenity and intuition. Your colours are the deep green of the sea, silver, but also the tender rosé. (Boys, just live with it! :D)


Out of the seven chakras, the Heart Chakra, which is associated with the element of water and represents our sense of love and compassion, seems to be predominant in you. Although this means you are probably the most caring and romantic person you know, it may result in indecision or depression.

You can balance it by wearing a Lace Agate; it inspires joy, optimism and positive thinking. You may want to avoid wearing a Moonstone, as it will likely cause you to be moody and scattered.

A Tarot references concerning your predominant element:

If you are a young lass or lad and still unmarried your card is the Page of Cups. Young women, especially married ones, identify with the Queen of Cups, also known as the Queen of Hearts. If you are a young, unmarried man, you are the Knight of Cups, and married or “mature” males are identified with the King of Cups, commonly known as the King of Hearts. Ladies and gentlemen, here is your understanding man you’ve been looking for.

These are the results you will get if you score highly on...

None of the four elements: Balance Wind: Gust Fire: Blaze Water: River Earth: Valley Wind & Fire: Thunder Wind & Water: Clouds Wind & Earth: Canyon Fire & Earth: Lava Fire & Water: Tornado Water & Earth: Trees Wind, Fire & Earth: Storm Wind, Fire & Water: Stars Wind, Water & Earth: Forest Fire, Water & Earth: Avalanche All four elements: Harmony

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Anyone have a spare Lace Agate? ;-)

Your result for The If I Had a Million Dollars Test...

Sugar Daddy/Mamma

You spent $710000!

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I'd probably spend most of the money on a larger place to live and more bookshelves. The rest on books. This IS me we're talking about, after all! ;) Maybe actually even get a chance to see live band or a play or musical more often.

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