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I'm taking the train to Cleveland, bus to Columbus. Anyone able to pick me up en route at either location? Arriving around 3-4 am on Friday in Cleveland, or Columbus, around 11ish am. I figured that this was the best chance I'd get to go to this, since I'm not working, and have a bit of extra money available temporarily. (still people I have to pay back are the priority here.) All of this is making me nervous all the same, but I figure I should get out of the house and filk more often anyway. ;-)

Also on the subject, would anyone happen to have bedspace at same? I'd need something near an outlet where I can plug my CPAP in. (and people who can deal with the white noise that a CPAP makes)

Another interesting question, does anyone here, there, or whatever have an external hard drive they're not needing any more?

My advisor advises me that I shouldn't try to get out of this violently elementary class. I'm going to call him AGAIN in a few hours to see if I can get him to change his mind. Bah. Humbug, even.

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