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OVFF, Travel friedness, help, and asking about t-shirt

OVFF was truly stunning, I'm delighted that I went, and bummed that the trip there and back was so long and complicated. I love traveling by train, but the schedules and whatnot didn't match the bus schedule. In fact, they didn't match anything recognizable as a schedule at all, sometimes!

Music was fantastic, seeing and/or meeting many new and interesting people. Heard all sorts of beautiful and silly songs, and now am recovering at home from spending a bit more money than I intended to. Seeing new filk dealers was fascinating, hope I see more in the future!

Hugs to all who helped me/fed me/played with me! I enjoyed some baby time, some little kid time, and a lot of good-quality grownup time...sometimes at the same time! ;-)

Looking for the SF Fans for Obama shirt I saw a 'couple times this weekend. Anyone know where I can get one? I've been looking, but my search terms might be wrong, especially because I'm still rather zonked out.

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