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Have slept, a bit, and am wandering around the 'net waiting for the nurse to call me back from the doctor's office. Apparently they are the gatekeepers at the office currently, although how they're supposed to do that, plus care for patients, PLUS give shots, etc...I have no idea. I long for the days a while back when you could just have a minor emergency, go in, and be seen. All this farting about with phone calls when I'd rather be sleeping is giving me a headache. Jeremy just went to bed around 10, which means that the phone ringing will inevitably wake him up. :P Of course I'm also bitching because I'd like to get back to sleep myself, if only for a 'couple hours. OTOH, this is the only day this week that I can do this. I could do it theoretically on Wed. instead, but that would mean that Jeremy, who will have worked the night before, would have to not sleep enough and thus be not awake for Thanksgiving part 1, with my family, that evening. Random wish for the doctor's office to have an ATM, so I could send him home to sleep and call a cab. Grr. If they don't call back soon, I'm going to be downright peevish! ;-)

Trying to think of something that wouldn't sound like bitching, but no luck at the moment. ooh! YES! Appointment at 4:50 today with one of the supervisory doctors, which means something might get accomplished, and I can still make my 4pm chiro appointment! Whee!

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