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Meme thing

This one wasn't entirely fair, since I'm predjudiced toward Asian women to start with...but it was fun!

Your result for Style Up Through The Extremes Test...


7 casual, 5 cute, 3 feminine and 11 avant-garde!

Your style changes as often as your mood, still it manages to stay fresh and vibrant all the time. You follow your intuition to create your outstanding looks; you can combine anything with almost everything. You prefer to play with different textures and shapes and to accentuate it with artistically chaotic details. You’re the person who may be an aspiring designer or stylist as well. You’re highly creative, one day you’re hippie, the other day you’re a glamorous diva. And then you suddenly get bored by all of these transformations and your style becomes a bit messy. Try to clearly distinct your likes and dislikes and to be more predictable at least on Mondays and Fridays. You’re generally friendly and know a little bit of everything. It’s hard for you to focus on only one thing or one person. Work on being more decisive.


If you believe she’s the right girl for you, be prepared for any adventures. She likes traveling and learning something new. Invite her to a have a trip or drive, plan everything in advance, she may be too lazy to do anything at all. Or she may come up with radical ideas like biking instead of taking a plane. You will be surprised how very informed on almost every subject she is. She likes arguing, be ready to discussing with her politics, marketing, underground music, eco fashion or nanotechnology. She’s smart and unpredictable. Try to learn something what she doesn’t know yet or master several extraordinary skills like dancing or martial arts. That will impress her. If you will try to become more educated or skilled, she will definitely appreciate your efforts in many pleasant ways.


Take Style Up Through The Extremes Test
at HelloQuizzy

So it wasn't entirely fair, but I think it pointed out something interesting. I'm just not certain that it's the right interesting...:P
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