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Laptop off being repaired...

I have, for the time being, an account on Jeremy's computer. However, I can only use this when he's not home or he's asleep, so don't expect to hear much from me on Wed. or Thurs. (his usual weekends) We are hoping that a friend will get us to a New Year's party, so y'all might see me at some point, depending on what the orthopod thinks of my ankle. (need to remember to call on Monday!)

The presents from my family were unexpectedly overly-modest... I mean, did I really WANT a box of kleenex and breath mints, even if I DID get a pretty outfit from my sister (which will probably premiere at Arisia), and a nice check from my dad (given the circumstances of the economy.)Dinner, however, was fantastic.

Jeremy's family was sweet and got me a really nice jewelry box that is like a mini-armoire for jewelry. I had asked for one, but didn't expect such a big one! Our other presents were quite delightful, including a signed calendar and two mouse pads that his sister and brother-in-law found at King Richard's Faire. :-) Pretty gifts. :-)

Wandering the Cambridgeside Galleria on the 24th was horrid! (needed glasses repaired, as we were also there to diagnose the damn computer). Necessary, but did cut in on the time to my sister's house, so we were an hour late. Ugh. I hate being late.
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