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For some reason I just started to feel woozy about half an hour ago. I hope that it isn't the vicodan I took, since that would mean that I shouldn't take it while Jeremy's at work. Then again, I'm nearly OUT of the vicodan, which is a bad thing, since I expect to be somewhat overwhelmed with pain and/or disoriented during various parts of the weekend.

OTOH, I've had a good reading day: Finished "Neptune Crossing" by Jeffrey Carver, which I should have finished AGES ago. Glad I finished it. :-) Anyone have the next few for me to read? ;-) (I could borrow them, or take them off of your hands, whichever....) Received three back issues of National Geographic magazine, the October, December, and January issues. I need to find November's somewhere, or, if all else fails, borrow it from my chiropractor. Started Time magazine, but I think I'll end it at the end of this article about Borderline Personality Disorder. Still to read: Vermont Life magazine, Popular Science, and Mac|Life (which needs, desperately, to be renewed, if I can just find the money...)-: Need to remember to bring some back issues of Opera News off to a friend, possibly at Arisia, possibly just find a safe place to stack 'em for now. Read a 'couple catalogs, as wel. Now I need more pre-Arisia reading materials. :P

My sister already asked me what I want for my birthday...truth is, I have not a clue in the sky as to what I want, other than nearly everything. ;-) Why can't she just go look at my wish lists? It's not like I don't have the damn things everywhere! ;=)

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