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Trying to deal with post-con depression and depression in general. Lower back got successful injections on Wed. early afternoon. Still groggier than I'd like, which is probably having an effect on my affect. *wry grin* Had a good con, despite a few errors, as usual, on my part. I get to be blamed for a lot of things. But OTOH, things went much better than usual, in that I didn't fall down, and there weren't any major emotional crisises that I had to solve on the spot. Crying in front of someone I despise was a downside, as was spending time talking with someone else that distresses me. (although there was really no way I could think of to say no.)

Spent some wonderful time being a baby hog, spent too much money, will be getting a new Honeck cane, this time with the carving of the dragon on top of it. It may be that I'll be a little behind my cellphone bill, but it's worth a bit of debt to get the cane I need, that hopefully I won't loose this time! *Wry sigh*

Slowly working through the books I bought, or were bought for me. Read two yesterday, hope to read another tonight or in the afternoon. I should sleep, but I should take a bath too. :P Decisions, decisions.... I think I'll go in search of more gas pills now. (I know, how ... attractive. :P ):

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