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Amongst other things...

It looks like I'll be attempting the trip to Worldcon this year! *squee*! So if you see me in the big red scooter (with the Hello Kitty stickers on it! ;-) say hello to me, give me a hug, etc. Just make sure I can see you! *wry chuckle*

In other worlds... my dad got sick, but he's doing much better now, and his new apartment in an independent living section of a retirement community agrees quite well with him. He's now in Portland, Maine, and my sister lives about a mile away from him. Good in case of emergencies!!! (I dealt with one already, almost broke me, not doing it again!)

My pain levels continue pretty much unabated. However, I haven't completely let it stop me yet, and the next few weeks will involve cleaning out my father's old house in Dartmouth, MA. I'm sleeping a lot, and a lot of strange hours at that. For example, I woke up at 6 this morning, and my body is telling me to go sleep already. I just wanted to get this quick note out. I apologize for it taking so long to write, hopefully I'll be awake for some other post. *wry sigh*

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