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Hullo all...

Haven't written in a while, so I thought I'd see what this App. does. Having progress, of painful, toward getting the fillings and crowns done for my teeth. After those are all in place, the denture impression can get done. I wanted that first, but apparently, according to my cute little dentist, the shape changes of the top teeth can have an effect on how the bottom teeth are shaped, or something. She's pretty nice, but the accent of her assistant is sometimes hard for even me to understand.

Other than that, the usual excruciating back pain is, well, painful. I need to reschedule tomorrow's chiropractor appointment, seeing an ear, nose, and throat doc at... 9am?!!?? Ah well, I wasn't the one who scheduled it when I missed the previous appointment due to hospitalization. I had that really horrid gut bug combined with cellulitis. That was a bad 3 days or so last month just before Lunacon. I made it to the con, though!

Now that I don't have any cons until July, and my sister and father's birthdays are over, I need to schedule up my physical therapy for my back. What fun! (ugh)

Mood is so-so. I keep dreaming that someone is trying to kill me. Occasionally I am lucky, and they just want to humilliate me utterly. But when I'm awake, things are mostly okay, other than needing to find a few hundred dollars a month:-/. Anyone have a small job for me?

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