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It's strange...

I find myself wanting to write in here even when I don't have anything interesting, IMHO, to say.
Registered for "Writing to Heal" yesterday...good thing I did it over the 'phone, as it turns out there was a change in the schedule so that class starts THIS Saturday. Means I only have a few days in which to completely futz with my sleep schedule and get it to mundane hours, since it's from 9am to 4pm.
It DOES end on Oct. 4th, though, so I'll be done and over it nice and quickly. I just hope this is something that I can bring the laptop to, as writing on it is considerably easier than writing things by hand for me.
It also means that all the nasty school commute will be over with before snow falls this year. (hopefully!

It's raining outside, which makes all my joints ache all the more. Bleah. I know I should call the dentist and make an appointment posthaste, but I want Jeremy to drive me to it, and he just got to sleep around 5am or so. *ugh* I'm kinda flexible at the moment, I have to admit, I wouldn't much mind a nap myself. But I keep trying to tell myself that it'll make things worse for Saturday if I do that.

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