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Well, we finally got rid of the couch lump last week, and he finally got his STUFF this week, so we've got some progress at last towards getting our house back. *Huzzah*! Unfortunately, I also started college again at the same time, virtually, so it's just trading one set of hassles for another. Except we have our living room back now, so I can at least have space to do my homework in.

Had a sinus infection, now also seem to be having a tooth problem of some sort. Dentist is threatening root canal, but we're gonna see on Monday how things feel, since I finish the antibiotics this weekend.

Hrm... lots of randomly weird stuff has happened. In a good way some of it, at that. :-)

MassHealth has apparently decided to start re-insuring a small number of poor folks, so hopefully J'r and I can get health insurance soon again. We sent in the form as soon as I saw it, anyway. *crosses fingers* My father needs the money, the house nas a lot of repairs that need doing badly.

My brain is in a really odd place because of the painkillers for my tooth, so I'll probably write more sensible stuff later on at some point.

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