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Well, apparently I haven't posted in 12 weeks. :-P

First posting via Nintendo DSi!
Things are incredibly nuts at the moment. My father turned 80 near the beginning of April. Two weekends ago he totalled his Prius on a Friday night on his way back from bowling. My sister took him to a Red Sox game that Sunday as his birthday present. He proceeded to take a nasty fall, bruising his right leg and getting a nasty cut on it.

Turns out that a week ago Friday he needed a transfusion for severe anemia. That helped a lot, but his balance is still off. :-(

As a consequence, Jeremy and I have been down there on his days off. Unfortunately, said days off vary. :p I've been more than marginally ovewhelmed with this and other things so much so that I haven't checked my email in over a month - my telephone messages too. I can still be reached at strange hours by telephone except during midweek. Right now, for example! ;-)

Very saddened to hear of the passing of "Dr. Filk" He will be missed, even though I only met him last year at OVFF.
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For those that wanted to know...

Apparently, this is the type of SVT that I have.

The cardiologist said that it's exceedingly common and I had nothing to worry about. There's even a 'couple manouvers that you can do to to try to stop the tachycardia at home without going to the hospital. Doesn't always work, but I'll give it a shot next time my heart decides to do the Masochism Tango. *wry grin*

Other than that, my usual case of the bleahs. Jeremy will be going to work tonight, which means I'll be fairly bored, but I have things to read and hopefully he'll get a full 5 days next week instead of 4. (financially speaking... personally, I'm more comfortable sometimes when he's at home...)

I'm keeping this entry short in the interest of reading a magazine article and then getting some damn sleep again. (slept from round 9pm to 11:45, then from 12-2. But it wasn't enough.)
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Found the name of the drug that they used in my IV in the hospital to make the fast heartbeat go away. It's called Adenosine. I'll look it up later, but it looks like from what I'm reading on WebMD that I may need further tests, so it's a Good Thing (tm) that I've got an appointment with the cardiologist on Thurs.

Been playing with Facebook, which is a fun distraction. Also planning on doing some reading offline later on. Have the "Princeps' Fury" by Jim Butcher to read, and US News magazine as well. But somehow my mind seems to be wandering more than usual. Facebook, WebMD, email, APEX website, and iTunes all running along with some downloads. ooof.
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I'm wondering if anyone is available to keep me company this late night... I had a bad case of not cope last night, and need to be kept company/distracted.

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Continuing on the recovery scale...

It looks like the whole tachycardia thing is going to make my life interesting. In other words, if I've got a panic attack OR a tachycardia event, it's going to take time to figure out which one it is. Ugh. I don't want to take a panic attack to the ER as a tachycardia event, or vice versa. Confusing. However, I'm going to hold rather firmly to the tachycardia being properly treated and the panic attacks being as rare as possible.

Wanted to have a "Life, the Universe, and Everything" party at Boskone for my birthday on the 21st. However, I haven't gotten my act together, and I don't think I will in time, which kinda sucks. :P OTOH, I'm not sure how I want to approach the whole birthday thing this year. Luckily, aside from the usual pain considerations, I've got to say I hope to be in good shape for both the con and my birthday, as long as I'm careful. (not leaving the house during snowstorms definitely helps! Staying inside watching the snow early Wed. morning made me happy that it was pretty and I was safe and warm inside. :-)

It's a work in progress to get all of the crud from the various leads and taped bits off of my skin, though. :P These adhesives are ferocious in wanting to stay on my skin, even after the use of them is long past. Been trying various things without much effect, so hope that a shower early in the afternoon before doctors appointments will help. Seeing my GP around 3pm, and my chiro around 4:45, I think it is.
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I'm home!

Just a quick note to say that I'm home from the hospital with a diagnosis of something called SVT-Supraventicular Tachycardia. Basically they sent me home with a prescription for a beta blocker, a type of cardiac medicine usually used for high blood pressure, but also used for some tons of other things. Now I'm going to have to be better about getting up from lying down or standing so I don't let the dizzy monster win. *wry chuckle* Am quite woozle right now, but wanted to stop in and thank everyone for the kind comments! *BIG HUGS* y'all!
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Cardiac excitement...

So on Sunday I was getting off to sleep around 11am, and my heart started racing. I was too tired to care, so I crashed anyway. Woke up with a start around 3pm, and after tending a few necessities, I called the doctor's office. He said to go to the ER, but I waited for my shrink to visit, and she talked me into going, despite the fact that I had a visitor coming in at 6pm. Reported racing heartbeat to the a lot of attention very very quickly. They injected me with a drug to make it go away, and it made me feel icky, but got the job done. I was admitted to be observed, and proceeded to getting an echocardiogram yesterday, then am getting a (chemical) stress test today. *wry grin* Doing reasonably ok, aside from aggravated hip pain from waiting on an uncomfortable stretcher. :P Morphine is good, though! :-) Hopefully, if the stress test is normal, they will send me home. :-)

Lawrence Memorial Hospital, West 3, room 325B if you want to visit in the morning.
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Trying to deal with post-con depression and depression in general. Lower back got successful injections on Wed. early afternoon. Still groggier than I'd like, which is probably having an effect on my affect. *wry grin* Had a good con, despite a few errors, as usual, on my part. I get to be blamed for a lot of things. But OTOH, things went much better than usual, in that I didn't fall down, and there weren't any major emotional crisises that I had to solve on the spot. Crying in front of someone I despise was a downside, as was spending time talking with someone else that distresses me. (although there was really no way I could think of to say no.)

Spent some wonderful time being a baby hog, spent too much money, will be getting a new Honeck cane, this time with the carving of the dragon on top of it. It may be that I'll be a little behind my cellphone bill, but it's worth a bit of debt to get the cane I need, that hopefully I won't loose this time! *Wry sigh*

Slowly working through the books I bought, or were bought for me. Read two yesterday, hope to read another tonight or in the afternoon. I should sleep, but I should take a bath too. :P Decisions, decisions.... I think I'll go in search of more gas pills now. (I know, how ... attractive. :P ):
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Well, tired and irritable, but made it into the Arisia hotel only a 'couple hours later than I'd planned. By then I was exhausted, in pain, and stressed out. I was rude to people, I think, but I was a non-cope person right then. Doing somewhat better now, have had food, and the cake was not a lie, and got my t-shirt and need to do X number of hours to have earned it, I think. I fear that I might not be able to afford to do enough work for a comp this year, which bothers me greatly. OTOH, at least I'm here! *wry grin* If you will be at Arisia, know well that I will desperately need backrubs Lots of them. By the score, in fact! Sitting next to Ian in the hotel room, whilst he reads a funny web comic. ....

There. We're all in the room, all playing with our computers. Go figure! ;-) We'll need to make up serious time volunteering later if we can... but right now I'm just tired, and everyone is trying to eat my brains!!! ;-)
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